About EE HUB

Boost EE is a Hub of Sector-Specific APIs that allows Technology Players/IoT Platforms to leverage sector specific Algorithms, Enhance Offering, create more Value for all Stakeholders. One can choose sector-specific application program interface and/or tools available on the hub to perform various analyses like – Historical Performance Analysis, Energy Forecasting, Anomaly Detection, Process Cycle Analysis and Predictive Maintenance etc.

The algorithms and the tools are aimed at helping Industries, big or small, to take advantage of energy analytics, by maximum utilization of their data assets and improve Energy Productivity.

Currently, EE Hub contains over 20 sector/purpose specific APIs and tools, and we aim to have over 100 APIs hosted in the next 1 year

From Management Desk

Leveraging data assets and deriving greater value out of them has been a continuous problem, through EE Hub we aim to overcome this barrier, ensure that there is greater value creation happening for all stakeholders. APIs hosted on the hub over a period would cover diverse use cases across different sectors. As a marketplace we also allow innovative APIs developed by other companies to be hosted on the hub, helping them reach out to a wider audience.”