IF 1

Works on the electricity data of the Induction furnace and a few design parameters, provides inputs on heating cycle consistency, predicts molten metal production and highlights operational deviations.

Input Field Description
  • Choose file - Option to upload your dataset Date&time and Indicator field should be present.
  • Date Key - Date key name should be mentioned and that need to be present in the dataset.
  • Date Format - Date format should be filled up as mentioned in the uploaded dataset.
  • Off Value - It is not a mandatory field but can be filled up with proper off value for Indicator.
  • Design Cycle Time - Mandatory field, the cycle time need to be mention.
  • Design Cycle Kwh - Mandatory field, cycle Kwh need to be mention.
  • Design Cycle Production - Mandatory field, expected production need to be mention.
  • Sample Data Set