Based on the outcome of the MAPI1 for various data points, this algorithm returns the overall performance snapshot of the electrical motor, provides a call to action on Energy Efficiency interventions.

Input Field Description
  • Choose file - Option to upload the dataset, the dataset should contain the date in following order- Volt, i (current), Kw (Kilowatt), Kva (Kilovolt Ampere), pf (power factor), oeff (operational efficiency), al (motor's average loading), loading, gap,avgloading (overall avgloading), avgoeff (Average operational efficiency) and time.
  • Rated volt - To enter the rated volt.
  • Rated current - To enter the rated current.
  • Rated Kilowatt - To enter the rated kilowatt.
  • Rated Efficiency - To enter the rated efficiency.
  • Poles - To enter the poles (No. of sets of winding of motor).
  • Sample Data Set